The Human Condition-A Biblical Series

This Sunday/Monday marks the beginning of Great Lent in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

As I continue to make strides in editing towards publishment of my first book, I’m looking to make some intentional effort into my daily reading of Scripture and writing directly on the topic of faith.

Great Lent ideally is a season wherein we take intentional time to examine our lives under a microscope, to examine our habits, our passions, our areas of growth and tend to these through asceticism and discipline. This season is merely a microcosm of what the end goal, the telos, of our lives is: total transformation and deification towards our Creator. Adding to our spiritual rigors helps to this end, though I think it also important we also take a microscope to our very condition, to examine our humanity so we can understand why and how we operate in the world and with said understanding how we can ultimately grow and find the perfect image of ourselves that is still hidden in the marble of our potentiality.

As I reflected on what Scripture I might sift through, I thought one really ought to examine human origins in order to better understand human nature. Therefore, I will endeavor to write a daily reflection on the Book of Genesis, picking apart chapters and verses and how we might see the stories as related to our own human condition, and with a focus on how we can grow from each piece of scripture.

I pray you will join me in this endeavor of reading, reflection, and action, whether you are beginning your Lenten Journey next week in the East, or if you have already begun in the West.

Blessed Lent!

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