Social Media Prejudice, Book News, Also I’m On Gab

In other news…

Christ is Risen!

I know I abruptly stopped my daily reflections on Genesis which I hope to go back to at some point in some fashion. Orthodox Holy Week and events leading up to it was rather time consuming, though I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish in that personal Lenten Challenge of mine.

In other news, the manuscript of my first book has officially been submitted and the publication process has begun. I’ll mention more about the project itself as I hear more from my publishing team, hopefully teasing some elements of the story here to whet your appetite.

In the mean time, I’ve actually been continuing my writing with the next book. I thought I’d give myself a break between projects, but I found the first few chapters I knew I had to write to have been a fun venture. I’m excited to see how this momentum can keep up and how long it might take for a full trilogy + 1 to unfold.

follow me on gab

Though I’ve been off of Social Media since the outbreak of Covid, I realize it’s not pragmatic to stay completely off the grid when writing novels.

Some time ago I made a Gab Account that I encourage everyone to follow me on. I’m not entirely sure what level of engagement I’ll use it towards, but I’d like to do something at the very least weekly.

I’m imagining my posts will either be reflections or challenges as these were edifying things for me to write for myself in my Biblical Blog on Genesis.

With out further ado, follow me here on Gab at KTraumer!

social media prejudice – tome of masks

I also happened to make myself a Facebook account. Though, this was short lived.

I believe I created the account early this week, perhaps Tuesday. I did the most basic things, assigning an e-mail account, updating a profile picture (of my author emblem seen on this website), and include a short bio (again, not unlike my current bio on the front page). I had also created a Facebook Author Page, with the same very simple steps of personalizing.

Today, this afternoon, I found a message from Facebook indicating that somehow I violated community guidelines and had my account disabled. Facebook has asked I send a phone number in order to verify my account (though I’m not sure if this is tied at all to the review that I asked to be submitted).

I had imagined myself being cancelled at some point, just not this early into my career, without even having my manuscript see ink.

It begs the question what Facebook found offensive or in violation to what little I wrote and posted. The image above, as you can see, is harmless though conveying some subtle Christian themes. My bio is short and to the point about being an author and blogger.

What I wonder is if Facebook did some detective work and looked up this name, found this website, and deemed something I’ve written to be against guidelines. It’s almost like an employer looking up your social media to see if you are a good fit for the company…only I’m not asking that Facebook hire me, I’m asking permission to talk to others.

As we throw around the word “bigot” in our current indignant and charged culture of “defending love” it’s interesting to see Facebook so quickly employ prejudice with nothing that I have said on their platform.

I invite anyone to highlight a blog of mine on this website, let me know what might have been off color or offensive, so that perhaps I can expound on something I’ve written or at least know what it is that Facebook took issue with so we at least know what ideas are being vetted and policed out of their privileged “public forum”.

I hope you’ll all join me in my ventures and stay tuned for my writing!

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