Masks: The Unmercenaries, Buy Now On Amazon Kindle!

If your friend, your daughter, your sister went missing…wouldn’t you do anything to find them?

To go to any length to save them?

To put on a mask, become someone new, maybe totally unrecognizable, for their life and soul?

Welcome to Masks…

This novel follows anonymous heroes who have become vigilantes, each doing so for someone they love. In each of their walks, they have become someone new on behalf of the other, have transformed from their mundane–perhaps even fallen–state into something legendary and beyond what they thought was possible of achieving.

They become Masks, deified, intercessory patrons and sleepless heroes unto the city.

Available Now On Amazon Kindle

This novel will make its grand debut available in paperback on November 1, fittingly on the Feast of the Unmercenaries.

Those who want to read something special for Halloween (for which the book begins), it can be purchased on Amazon Kindle for $9.99!

Click the Masks below to pick up your copy today and get into the feast of Halloween, of Nymphis’ Harrowing!

Short Stories Coming Soon!

I’ll also be releasing on hopefully a monthly basis (if not more frequent) short stories related to the Masks series. You’ll be able to get a small taste of what the Mask series is all about while also explore the unfurling background of the city of Nymphis through these stand alone chapters.

Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the blog to get updates on these stories!

Happy Harrowing!

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