Pre-Order “Masks” & Short Stories Coming Soon!

The above image is by far my favorite promotional image for “Masks: The Unmercenaries.”

Click the image above to pre-order your copy or begin reading today on Amazon Kindle!

This is a perfect autumn book as the events of this story lay out the question of “what if Halloween carried on a little too long.” The ghoulish festivity of “All Saint’s” unravels into a city’s obsession with anonymity and living out a second life.

You’ll follow a group of vigilantes, known as the Unmercenaries, who work together to clean up their city’s scum of villainy, find and avenge their loved ones, and put down the city’s worst masked plague yet: The Den.

I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be releasing, tomorrow, my first short story set in this universe. The short stories take place in the Mask series as stand alone chapters and provide some backdrop to the city of Nymphis and its crime fighters and villains.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first short story among many.

These are meant to be quick reads to help dip your toes into the universe while also hopefully providing some thought-provoking themes.

Stay tuned for more details, have a great October, and Happy “Harrowing.”

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