Recommended Reads

“A book is like a portrait, as opposed to a photograph. A photograph is click, that’s that! A portrait you layer and layer on. And you work on it for weeks. You still have the same single image but it has this depth to it. A book enables you to think and rethink. You can go deeper into a book than any other media.”
-Dr. Jordan Peterson

I’d like to encourage my audience to read other authors and books that have made a great impact on me, my thoughts, and my perspective. Ideally a good book will help us wrestle with our human condition in a way that we can grow and become the perfect sculpture each of us were meant to be chiseled into. Through reading, through story, we hear what works and hasn’t worked for others in their adventure towards this growth, this theosis.

I hope my list of recommended reads inspires you at the very least to read and to consider some books which I have felt made a great impact on me and can have a profound effect on our society.

Happy Reading!

The Bible

Of course The Bible made it to my list of recommended reads.

But before you write it off as a compulsory addition, I recommend you consider the volumes of ancient wisdom it holds from centuries of generations. A compilation of stories that old should at least spark some curiosity, even if you’re not a fan of all the characters.

Christian Books

My favorite Christian author is (no surprise) CS Lewis, and I believe all believers and skeptics alike gain something from reading his works.

Dystopian Fiction

The much needed antidotes to our society. These books spell out how utopia not only cannot exist, but that the pursuit of it only devours humanity and it’s soul.

General Fiction

Books that don’t necessarily fit into categories that I have simply enjoyed reading. These books still have something profound to say, but often times they were natural page-turners for their great plot.


These books have left an impact on me namely through their “self-help” element. I pray each of these reads impacts you towards a positive new perspective that inclines towards growth as it has for me.