50 Date Night Questions – Get To Know Your Other Half In New and Deeper Ways

Date nights become more difficult when we are married

If you disagree, I’m sure that means you and your spouse have found ways of stepping out of the norm to keep things new.

If you found that the opener resonate with you, then fear not, this seems to be a common problem among married couples. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage or love for one another is waning. Marriage is a bold and maturing step of any couple. In marriage, our lives, our living space, and our finances (hopefully) are shared. What this means is the couple now shares responsibilities together, are compelled to place more trust in each other and become more honest with one another (in fact, it should be the most honest relationship you have). Unless the union embarks on abuse or irreconcilable infidelity, this is a union with no backdoors, a relationship (perhaps a friendship) that says, “when the going gets tough, I’m not just going to run away. We are going to figure this out together and grow from it”. 

Still, couples are bound to feel periods of stagnancy when the two get into a routine. Now that you are living and bound to one another, perhaps you think you know everything about the other person already, perhaps asking how each of your days went gets old. Enjoyable and placating as it is to veg out with your spouse on the couch in front of the TV, deep down I’m sure the two of you are craving something engaging, some real quality time that is reminiscent of the “dating period”. 

In a previous relationship, I once asked a girlfriend to treat me as though I were a complete stranger, to pretend in front of our friends like we didn’t know anything about one another, to leave behind any assumptions, and to basically “play pretend”. The exercise never executed as there was some discomfort with the experiment, though I think there’s better ways of rekindling in a romance that spirit of “newness”.

Rekindling Novelty Through Date Night Questions

The awesome thing about date night questions is that it requires no fancy place to go out to, is affordable, and there’s actually an infinite amount of possibilities that will unfold with you and your spouse as you venture into said questions.

You’ll be surprised, you’ll disagree. Most importantly, you’ll probably see a new side of your spouse and get curious to see their other dimensions. 

I’ve searched for different lists of date night questions and I’m sure my list includes some of their suggestions. However, once you go through one list and had a good experience with them, you’re bound to want to try a new one. Here are 100 Date Night Questions meant to spur some new fresh talking material with you and your love.

Get ready for some crazy answers and conversation, and most importantly, get curious and dive deep into your love’s answers!

You’ll notice that some of these questions are meant to ask your partner to share about themselves and also for them to share how they perceive you. Hopefully this sharing provides new and exciting insights!

(PS: Comment below your set of Date Night Questions you’ve enjoyed using before or would like to pass on to others to try out!)

50 Date Night Questions

  1. If you had to live in another state/country for 5 years, what would be your top 3 choices be?
  2. If you had to start over and try any new field of study or career, what would it be?
  3. If you could experience a natural disaster without suffering harm or property damage, what disaster would I experience?
  4. What are my most attractive three features?
  5. What kitchen appliance would I be and why?
  6. What would you like you today go back and say to you from 3rd grade and you from middle school?
  7. What mundane super power would I have?
  8. What is something you are grateful for this week? What is something you wish you could have changed about it?
  9. In twenty years, I become famous for something. What is it for?
  10. If you could invite any celebrity over to your house for dinner, who would it be and why?
  11. If you could fly with wings or swim with fins & gills, which would you choose, and why?
  12. Your house starts on fire. Everyone else makes it out safe (including pets). You have a single backpack. What do you stuff it with, or, what three things do you take with you?
  13. What do you wish you could do over and why?
  14. What was your first impression of me when we first met? What was that day like for you? What feelings did you feel?
  15. If I had a podcast, what would it be called and what would it look like?
  16. What time and place in history would you love to go and visit and why?
  17. What extinct animal would you have as a pet?
  18. What hobby or skill do you wish you could instantly pick up?
  19. What is something you’d like me to work on?
  20. If you could only own five movies, what would they be?
  21. If I were a transformer (robots in disguise) what vehicle would I transform into?
  22. If they made a movie about me, what would they title it?
  23. If an actor/actress were to play me in a movie about me, who would you choose?
  24. In that movie about you, what opening scene would you choose?
  25. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three books would you have with you?
  26. It’s the apocalypse and you have a solar-powered CD player and just one CD. What CD is that?
  27. Money is not an issue. What does your dream home look like and where is it?
  28. Mention a dream you had when you were a kid that has stuck with you.
  29. Who is someone you wish I had a better relationship with (or extended grace to)?
  30. Which friend or family member of mine do you appreciate the most, and what is their best quality?
  31. What is the most hurtful thing a friend or family member has said to you, about you, or asked you to improve upon?
  32. What is something you wish you could improve in in regards to your relationship with others?
  33. If could be memorialized for one virtue, what would it be, and why?
  34. What food do you wish you could eat for the rest of your life without consequence?
  35. When have you experienced the most amount of pain in your life?
  36. What would you say is my spirit animal?
  37. What class are you glad you never have to take again? Why?
  38. Which teacher left the greatest impact on you? Why? What were they like?
  39. If you could ask any deceased person one question, who would you ask the question to and what would you ask?
  40. In 50 years, what invention or discovery will be attributed to me?
  41. What is a memory in my life I wish you could take a time machine to go experience?
  42. Round your age up to the next decade. If you could do whatever you wanted on that birthday of yours, what would you do?
  43. What is a fear I haven’t shared with you yet?
  44. If I wrote a self-help book titled, “5 Rules for Life” what would my 5 Rules be?
  45. Reverse Question 44…
  46. What literary/fictional character do I remind you of?
  47. When have you seen me at my best?
  48. Describe then share what you think your coat of arms, together would have, describing the following:
    1. What color (or two colors) would the shield be?
    2. What interlocking weapons/instruments/objects would appear underneath?
    3. What four symbols would appear on the crest/shield?
    4. What figures would be holding it up?
    5. What would be at the top of the helmet?
    6. What would the motto be at the end?
  49. Using my initials, describe me in three words.
  50. What question do you wish was on this list (write it down instead)?

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